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The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday   and  Value Pack:  Scrap It Monthly 3

Week 18. Something I wore.  We’ll start with my favorite capris, not only are they cute they were $5..win! My new fitbit band.  I needed something dressy, black leather and rose gold. I actually left my house to do something other than errands, called for a real shirt.  Leggings...because I like to be comfortable (and you needed to see the tops of my feet) Lawson sweatshirt, start the day off daily with it on my walk, until it gets to warm for it. New shoes..well not new a few years old.  Got them for like $20 at a close out sale.  I think I got 6 pairs for the price of 1 normal pair.  My robe..even my boys friends know this thing.  It’s warm, flip flop weather (and anther foot shot) Monday I felt like crap so I wore my bed and pj’s most of the day.

Photo Information for Week18

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A lovely colourful page to show us what you wore this week. You are doing so well at keeping up with daily photos.... I have been naughty and gave up ! 

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