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Week 20

The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday   and  Value Pack:  Scrap It Monthly 3

Week 20, what i’m reading.  I took thi literal and each day I stopped and took a pic of what I was reading at that time.  Email, daily...several times a day.  Amazon, I would say I have a bit of an issue (and UPS knows my house well), Football Schedule...can’t believe school is out in a few days and we’re already thinking about it starting back up.  Sports physicals...I do get tired of filling out paperwork twice.  Calendar...I’m a true pen/paper gal.  Justin’s new golf clubs.  Dog food...trying to figure out if I need to up the portion for this little boy. News, I try to catch up every morning on what’s going on.  And what i’m actually reading “The Real”

Photo Information for Week 20

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