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The 5 Year Pie #Food

Journaling:  When we  planted our little orchard, all Joe was concerned about was  how long would it be until he could  have a cherry pie from the new cherry tree. The  first two years the tree  was  still too small. The third year we had an early hard freeze that ruined the cherry crop. The fourth year, 6 year old Jeffrey had learned about May baskets at school. He came home, cut the cherry blossoms and made a lovely May basket to hang on Grandma and Grandpa’s door. Disappointing for the pie prospects, but very sweet on Jeffrey’s part. Finally, the fifth  year was the charm and we  had enough  cherries to make a pie for Father’s Day with enough for the mockingbird in our back yard to steal plenty.  1978 

ABR_TextureMix_SS_Paper_3 JRA_CalicoChristmas_Alpha Cherry stem Pixabay Cherry blossom-Pixabay


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what a beautiful and interesting page, Betty.   Your photo is gorgeous and I like how the background is blurred with the cherry blossoms and cherries in focus. And your pie looks so good!   Great journaling and beautiful OOB framing and masking too, I love this and sure wish I had a piece of that pie with some ice cream.  

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