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Project Life 2018 June 1

The fairies started to appear in May, but now that it’s June and warmer, they’ve set up a huge village - including this year a playground, park and even a beach. Plus much more!  I think I’ll be doing more layouts of their garden.  :) 
Journaling reads:
They’re BACK! During the cold, snowy winter the fairies stayed underground, but as Spring began I saw signs of them in my garden. They must have liked the area because they created a living space twice as large as last year!
For this layout I used:
SNU SS DLO Templates: Blendability
SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
PWR Fairy Story Collection
KVE Victorian Garden & Intaglio Collections
SNU SS Styles: Glitter Edge
KVE SS Styles: Starburst Pastels
and my own Photos

Photo Information for Project Life 2018 June 1

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That is quite a fairy garden you have! I love looking at all the bits and pieces. I like how you've framed parts of the garden, and you bg blending looks great with the photos.

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