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I can go anywhere

Brandy Murry's Bookclub Collection

Journaling reads:I’ve been reading the Kingsbridge Series from Ken Follett, which continues with the new magnificent gripping third book set in the 16th Century. The first book is a spellbinding epic tale set in the 12th Century, taking you through two centuries to the 1300. The Kingsbridge series follows the lives of families who have endured the typical lifestyle through these historical periods. I love the historical fiction of the series, a sensuous and enduring love story and an epic that shines with the fierce spirit of a passionate age.

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You have given such an exciting intro to this series, I think I will have to go and check it out!! Gorgeous page introducing Brandy's bookclub kit as well!!

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Such a pretty and ery cool page Marie and your title is so very true!  I love all the special touches on this page, the hammock for restful reading, the pillow wiht the newsprint and your journaling on the kindle!  Not to mention your great cluster with appropriate pieces!  I like the soft colors you used, they are so relaxing! 

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