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The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday and Value Pack: Scrap It Monthly 3 ---Week 37 this weeks prompt is “table” I got a chuckle out of it because our kitchen table is anything but something we eat out. More often then not it’s where the boys throw things and never pick up, as you can see from the photos. In many of them you’ll see the same item(s) over and over. That’s because they put it there and think some way it magically gets put away lol. Oh and p.s. the windex and cups would of stayed out longer, but Monday night a few football boys came over and made pizza, so the boys did actually clean it up before they sat down to eat that night.

Photo Information for 37

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What a fun page you have created for your week of photos. You are doing so well to keep up with these weekly pages.  You really are an inspiration to us all. 

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