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Okay, well this isn't what I planned on doing, but it is what I woke up with in my head at 3. Being the "Queen of Justification"- I can make it work. This is all about love, now isn't it?


The journaling reads:

This photo is of April (13), our mother Adelle (37), and Patty (17.) Taken on Toro Canyon in Santa Barbara down the road from our house.

Looking back, and realizing all the things our mother did, I am amazed. Much of it was done out of necessity, but she didn't need to do it all. She was a room mother for most of our classes- baking gingerbread houses for each class at Christmas and decorating personalized cookies for each student on Valentine's Day. She had a herd of milk goats, baked whole wheat bread (12 loaves a week), made her own jam, and sewed our clothes. At church she was a Primary president, organist, and early morning Seminary teacher. No, our house wasn't perfect- she wasn't super-woman, and talking with her later, it was surprising to find how inadequate she felt. But in tackling these things, she gave her daughters a priceless gift. We are not afraid to do what is hard, or try the impossible.



I used VRA Altered State, MRE Treasures, EHI Love Always, TCS Memoirs, VRA Buried Treasure, DEB Christmas Dinner, DMI Sage Brushes & TCS Merry Mine

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Gorgeous, I love it! I love the colors of the LO and the journaling is so great. What a sweet way to think about and remember your mother during that time in your life. And I really like the word embellishments down the right side. Great work!!

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What a wonderful layout! Your journaling is great. I think there are many kinds of love that deserve to be celebrated and you did a great job with that. Thanks for shareing your love and respect for your mom with us-you've motivated me to do some layouts about my own parents.

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April this is wonderful! What beautiful journaling! Your mother sounds like a truly special lady.

Such a pretty photo...you girls look just like her! Lovely job on the layout, too. I love the brushwork and the word tags, and the little heart charm.

This is a gorgeous tribute to your mother. You should have it framed.

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Wow! This is a very pretty layout and fits the picture perfectly. Looking at other pages of yours the style is different, but brings out much of the meaning in the picture and journaling. BEAUTIFUL!


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