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Photo Information for NewsLetter22Jan_Cold Winter

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This is so pretty Anne Marie.  Your photos is lovely and I like your framing and cluster.  It’s so hard for me to believe this was taken in July - that’s when we’d be roasting in heat!  :)

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You may have only gotten one photo but it's outstanding. I love how you placed it on the page and added the frosty elements. Thanks for participating in the challenge!

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Lovely page! I like the green under the ice crystals. The big white space and limited embellishments really highlight your photo and journaling.

You must be in the opposite hemisphere from where I live to be able to take this photo in July!! That sure isn't what we would see in July. And only one frost a year .... hmmm, that wouldn't happen where I live either. We hit below 0 Fahrenheit (under -17 degrees Centigrade) for HIGHS next week.

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