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2 Pregnancies

2 Pregnancies

The two pregnancies of mine are the most wonderful experienced in my life.
First it was a girl and second it was a boy!
Perfect combination and for us this is enough.
We do not expect to have more children.

These gifts from God always have a place in my heart
Will never forget the first day I had them in my belly!

-The Great Expectations Collections : Lie Fhung available at Ztampf & SBB Store
- Arrows - Kate Hadfield

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    This is such a special layout, and one that you and your family will never get tired of looking at! I like how you included the 2 photos of your children, and the ribbon adds to the joyful scrapping.
    Beautiful LO for a beautiful subject. I love the stitching and ribbons. Great job.
    This is such a great layout! I love the stitched silohuette! That is so cool!!
    Love the pictures of the babies included on here too. Really nice!
    Great LO for a special time - I don't really have many pictures from my pregnancies - I was huge!!! LOL.

    Nice tie in for each pregnancy - great job!
    Aww, what a precious layout, Edeline. Your journaling is very sincere and sweet.
    this is a beautiful way to show your kids how it was when you're expecting them. and you looked beautiful! gw dulu kaya bola, udah tinggal nggelinding aja.. :P