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Shoe Fetish

Shoe Fetish

Journaling Reads: You have a shoe fetish.
When you were a baby we couldn't keep shoes or socks on you. You went the whole winter in bare feet. Now we cannot get you out of shoes. You like to wear Mummy's platform shoes, Daddy's workboots, your sister's school shoes, slippers, sneakers, sandals and gumboots, you name it, if a shoe is left on the floor then you will put it on.

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TFL :rolleyes:

    Cute LO. I love the journaling.
    Great cropping on the photo - really tells the story along with the fantastic journaling!
    Absolutely fantastic! Love the journaling and the photo (great point of view)!
    I love the photo and how you blended it with your background. And a great story:) Fantastic job!
    I love the angle of the photo and how you blended it into the background! Beautiful journaling, too!
    oh how cute. I love the large photo with the brushed area for journaling. It looks so neat.
    Wow - what a fantastic picture! It's sooo cute.
    To cute! Great picture!
    I love this--so cute! The bright pink boot is adorable and I love the story that your journaling tells. WTG!
    Oh this brings back memories!!! Our girls did this as well. (over 23yrs ago!!)
    Love the way you have done the journalling box.