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Wistfull Holly

Wistfull Holly

Our poor little kittens haven't been let outside yet and Holly sits at the window watching all of the native birds just aching to get out and stalk them.


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    What a sweet kitten. Very pretty LO!
    How sweet! Love the rich colors and the flowers!
    love your colour choices here Rachael!! Corka little kitten!!!
    aww...how cute!! Love your composition and colors. It's so rich!!
    She's so cute!
    And you made a wonderful LO!
    Such a cute kitten! I love the colors and the big curve on the side. Great job.
    I love the curve of your richly-colored papers! And your kitty does look very wistful. Soon those birds will have to be on the lookout for your little hunters.
    Very nice layout! And my kitties are asking me why they can't go outside too. ;) One of mine like to sit at the window and chat with the birdies. Heehee.
    Awww, look at that sweet little face. I like the colors you've chosen and the use of the curves.
    Aw, what a sweetie. I love the title!