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Project Life, Week 42, 2019

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Mom is still hanging in there. Sleeping most of the time and not eating much more than some broth. It’s hard to watch, but we go every day.

I set out our new jack-o-lanterns but they only lasted a few days. We had a nasty wind storm that tore up the wiring. Oh well, back to using last year’s vampire Minion.

I got my stitches out on Friday! Doc said it looks good, just be careful for a while. I found one of mom’s wrist gloves, it will keep me from doing anything dumb for a while and hold the remaining bandaid in place.

Oh, and it took two nurses to get them out!  Only three stitches, right?! Doc is left handed so everything was backward and looked crocheted they said. LOL!

Ivy is having fun with the squeaky mummy I bought her, she carries it everywhere! She tears up stuffed toys, but loves her squeakies.

Now that I can hold a fork and knife again we went to Margarita House for my favorite, Cheesy Chicken and Rice. It cracks me up that they buy their wine glasses from the 
Dollar Tree. (so do I!)

Here is Ivy doing a Pyrr-fect demonstration of the Pyr Paw. Other owners talk about it, and it’s adorable but annoying. It gets our attention, though, when she swats us. Whatever Dave was having for lunch she expected him to share, and you KNOW she got the last bite!

She has certainly settled down from this time last year. She insists on her walk every afternoon, and we usually manage about two miles.

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I always enjoy reading about your week. It's hard about your Mom, but you are a good daughter and she knows that. Ivy cracks me up. Your hand looks good (with the polish) even though it probably feels awful. Love your page and all the photos you managed to take this week!

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Me too, enjoy reading about your weeks!   And, I too know how hard it is to watch someone slipping away, but in some ways it’s an honor, too.   Ivy makes me laugh and so happy your hand is coming along.  Hopefully right now it’s “all better!”.

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