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Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo

Been practicising my montage skills.

    :toot: this is stunning :toot: and looks like you have mastered those skills to me. blending is still not one of my fortes :blondmoment: and havent quite managed to get them to look half decent never mind as wonderful as this hun. this really is a beautiful layout and you certainly hav e made a magnificent job on this.
    [if i put the kettle on and get u a cream cake will u come and have coffee and teach me] lol
    take care hun as always xxxx
    That's all I have to say, because I'm practically speechless...
    This is amazing. I can't believe how good you were able to blend everything together!!! Oh it makes me want to go to that wonderful zoo too!
    This is really amazing! You've done great extractions, blended everything together so beautifully. Everything looks like it flows so naturally from one thing to the next. Great job, Rachael! :D
    Wow this is really a show stopper! The blending is amazing and so interesting to give a good long look to. Congrats!
    LOVE the way this is pieced together - looks great!
    Wow, this looks Amazing! With a capital A! :) The transitions are seamless. Excellent work!
    This is soooo cool! Wow. What a great page! I am way impressed.
    AWESOME Rachael!!!! :dancingcow:

    If I bring cream cakes to Jemmia's could you teach me as well!!!! :disappearing-smilie:

    Fantastic job. I've been to the Melbourne zoo but don't remember it looking as good as that!!! (that was 20years ago though!!)
    All right! I'm joining the party at Jemmia's with cream cakes and Rachael teaching! Woo-hoo!

    Great job on this, Rachael! I love the way the giraffe is nibbling on the lion's mane and the zebra is nibbling the top of the stroller! Hee hee!