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Project Life 2020, Weeks 3 & 4

Cold! Ice! Ivy loves it! She did eventually come inside to get dry and warm. Her double layer fur coat helps a lot.

Our Tennessee Titans are in the playoffs for Super Bowl LXIV! Titan Up!

Cinnamon rolls made a very comforting, yummy treat on Saturday. It’s been ages since I made these, and I was a good girl and froze most of them for later.

The sudden, tragic loss of NBA star Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the other five on board his helicopter, has stunned us all. So very sad.

There’s Ivy, not wanting to come home from her walk. We’re up to about two miles a day, and when she sees our house she sits own in the middle of the street and refuses to go any further, It’s a real test of wills between her and me. So far I’m winning. For now. Heh.

Poor Dave is so very sick of doctors. Since mid-December he has seen our family doctor, his cardiologist, has been referred to a hematologist for severe anemia, and a neurologist for the loss of feeling in his feet. 

B-12 shots had little effect, so we spent six hours at the hospital on January 27 while he got two units of blood. It had an almost immediate effect, and he felt well enough to go out to dinner the next night.

He had an echocardiagram, too, and those results were good. No sign of A-fib. The neurologist has seen him twice so far, and the photo above is during the EMG testing on his feet. An MRI is next.

The month ended with the premiere of Star Trek: Picard which I have been waiting for since Fall, and the delivery of our Girl Scout Cookies. Praise the Maker!

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Heehee, I clicked on “Submit” for your earlier page and went back to the MB and here was this one, yay - the next installment so quickly!  Ivy is so funny and wow - two miles are great!   So sorry your husband isn’t feeling well, best wishes that it’s all figured out.   GIRL Scout cookies!  That reminded me I never got any this year.  Oh well...   

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Ivy is adorable and so silly. Sorry to hear your hubs is feeling well. Hope he gets to feeling better asap! Your photos are wonderful and it's fun to get a peek into your weeks.

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