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Travels with Barbie

This girl does get around! Wish I could go with her. I used AFT_Blissful, EMA_Antiquities, AFT_Masked Over, MRE_Brush_Downtown, MRE_Brush_Misty

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Reminds me of my blonde Barbie girl! I NEVER combed out Barbie's ponytail. I took terrific care of my one and only Barbie.

I'd still have her, you know! We never would have parted company. Until the day my sister decided to steal MY Barbie's body. Hers must have been a wreck because mine was four years older and a different style. My Mom must have figured whatever would I do want with her and tossed out her near perfectly coiffed head! (Truth be told, I’m still mad at my sister!)

I did buy some reproductions a few years ago- one just like my beautiful Barbie!


Your's must be Happy Wanderer Barbie! Awesome

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I love that you do this!  What a great page, this is terrific, you may get some strange looks, but I bet a lot of smiles too.  


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