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What Big Teeth You Have

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Isn't it amazing how 6 year olds comment on every little thing out of the ordinary? This wouldn't be so bad except that they notice everything, including here when my DD noticed her dad's big teeth.


Credits: The very beautiful kit, "Molly" by Keri Schueller. This kit has such lovely pastels and works well with baby photos, too. Also, I used "On the Border Curves" from another site for the curved templates and stitching. I believe there's a similar kit on this site.


Software: Microsoft Digital Image


Technique: The "stitched" letters in "BIG" were made as follows:


1. Made a duplicate of the word.

2. The bottom layer was filled with Keri's paper from her kit.

3. The top layer received a white solid outline.

4. Then the inside letters were selected with the color tool and cut, therefore, leaving only the white outline.

5. A "dotted" filter was applied to the outline.

6. Then a damp water color filter was added.

7. Finally, a texture filter was applied so the outline then looked a little like the stitching on the large curves.

8. A faint drop shadow was then added to the outline.


While these are Microsoft Digital instructions, the same principle applies to all the popular software.

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Oh my, this is a really fun layout! I love the curves and the way you lined the eyelets along the curve on the side.

Very cute!! :)

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This is really a fun layout, and I like that you chose the curves to mimic water waves. That IS a pretty kit. Off to check it out now!

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