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What Do I Dislike About My Face?

What Do I Dislike About My Face?

I may dislike a couple of things about my face, however, I have learned to accept the things I cannot change.

Items Used:
Mandy Steward Today GreenBkgrnd Paper
Mandy Steward Today diamond 3
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    I love the triangles, and you have a beautiful face!!! Love the original idea for the layout!


    I love that photo Val! That is so pretty! And love love love the way you did your title! Too cool!
    Very effective. I love the way you have used the diamond shapes and kept it simple. You have very expressive eyes.

    Mary Elizabeth
    What a courageous LO... Thank you for sharing! (and I like your nose just fine)
    What a great idea for a LO and a fantastic life lesson.
    Valerie... I love this photo of you. Ok.. .I'll give you the scar..but your have a cute nose! Beautiful picture of you! I love the way you did your title down the side with the triangles. I love the greens you used.. seems to be your color. Great job on the challenge!
    Hey Val it's nice to see a photo of you. (A close up one) Great concept you have done here and the colours are great!!
    This photo is so great, Valerie! The black background really lets us notice just YOU. I admire you scrapping about something you don't like...that's the hardest for so many to do. Well done!
    good title about self respect! the simple page let your beautiful face shine!
    OK I know I am getting old & blind but darling I can't see the scars on my screen you look marvelous darling as spoken like Billy Crystal
    I like your lo very well done