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I'm Cold

I'm Cold

Ok, so one must have a really boring life if shooting a bunch of pics of your hubby drying off your daughter is the highlight of the day. Oh well. Isn't it those daily memories we cherish so much the ones we want to keep forever? Haha, I sound like my preacher.

Kit is by Thao Cosgrove, "Passion". My LO doesn't do the kit justice because the kit is gorgeous colors in rich purple, deep pinks, and aquas. Check it out.

Software: Microsoft Digital Image

Technique: The outline around the small photos is done as follows:
1. Add soft shadow around the photo.
2. Go to Edges, Art Stroke, then choose the brush second row, first on the left (but all of them look neat).
3. Choose your color. I chose black.
4. Then for the next photo, after adding the shadow, rotate it 90 degrees before adding the art stroke. This is so the same pattern won't be on each photo making it look "digital". The third photo rotate at 180 degrees, etc.

This quickie technique will only work for the smaller photos. If you won't to do larger ones, then you need to take the extra step and make the outline a separate layer. This is so you can then cut out the outline part that goes off the photo and make it one shade lighter. If you notice in real scrapbooking, when you've "painted" over a 3D object, the objects most sticking out are a tad darker than the layer below it.

    This is phenomenal!

    Thanks for sharing your technique. You could easily submit this. Great work!
    I like how you used both b&w and color photos.
    Wow- beautiful memory and beautiful page. thanks for the tut!
    Love how you arranged the pictures and the instructions for the outline top notch....thank you for sharing.
    those are the memories that are the best!!! if every moment was your children stopping what they were doing, to set up a pose, and smile.... you'd never be able to remember how they really were!

    Your layout looks fabulous. I love how you used the photos!!

    really love the effect and the color contrast! great job!
    Mar 09 2007 10:24 AM
    Wonderful LO and the instructions are a special bonus! Thank you! Those precious photos of daily activities are the ones I like most! Fantastic job!
    What a wonderful father/daughter page! I love the big black and white picture and the fun color ones...this is really a very cool page that your daughter will much appreciate!
    This is wonderful...it's TOTALLY these seemingly insignifigent moments that kids will LOVE remembering when they grow up. I love the sentiment here...a daddylooking after his little girl. Beautiful!
    Oh neat LO!! Love the way you organized the smaller photos along the ribbions. really nice!!!