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BMU_TravelJournal, GWH_PackYourBags, AFT_AbsoBlended. Covid pics from the internet. Journaling reads: I had a quick trip planned to go up to Connecticut to see the grandchildren and family in April. . Covid was becoming more of a threat so I canceled my trip. We did go up for June , July and August to live on the boat. We sold the boat so came back here to Florida. I miss our son and daughter and the grandchildren so since Covid seemed to be dying down I booked a flight so I could be up there for Christmas. At this point it looks like I may have to cancel again since Covid it having it’s second outbreak.

Photo Information for Weekend-Wildcard-Challenge--travel-covid

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Oh, I’m so sorry you have to cancel your trip, Covid is wreaking havoc on all kinds of things, but I’m glad you and your family have stayed safe with your precautions.   I like your background and title and how you added that dreaded virus to your embellishments.  The colors you used look great.

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Covid really has taken on toll on so many levels. There is so much to love about your AJ page! Your bg is dreary but the pops of red lightens things up. I love the sad emoji for the letter "O". Here's hoping we can all go about traveling sooner rather than later.

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