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las_lavieenrose_paper_01, SRO_WateryMaps_1-overlay, BMU_TravelJournal_Sketch_Travel_word, FLO_SummerTime_stamp11_emb, BMU_TravelJournal_PlaneSketch_paper, florju_RoadBook_WA1, BMU_RoadMap_Path_Red_emb,SRO_GetAway_Plane-emb, ASO_SS_Styles_SoBasicallyTxt_6401,  SRO_BSB_DateStamps, AFT_BrushSet_ChicBlender; font used: Ink Free.  So I was working on a Dreamy Photo effect tutorial I had found on Pinterest when up pops this challenge. Yay! The photo is mine but it's not from Spain, it's from Rome. lol! The journaling reads: In May of 2020 we were supposed to travel Barcelona, Spain to celebrate both of us turning 60, As the news hit that there would be a travel ban we knew we had to cancel our plans. We were able to get vouchers for our plane tickets, but the hotel refuses to give us a refund. Even if we had wanted to go we couldn’t have gone because Spain was in a lockdown.

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This is gorgeous Kelly and the first thing I thought when I saw  it was it looked so dreamy!  I’m so sorry you couldn’t get a hotel refund, that’s awful.  I love your photo and effect, you are so awesome and learning new techniques and then using them  I really like the colors you used and your title looks so pretty blended into the background.  You did a wonderful job setting up this page with the plane and line and your journaling and your blending is outstanding.  Well this whole layout is.   

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I love the blending! I am sorry about your trip. My friend was supposed to go there too, and it got cancelled.  Hopefully you will make it there in the future. 

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This is an amazing page Kelly...You really nailed it. So sad about your cancelled trip...so many people had interrupted travel. but it gives you something to look forward to in the future when we can all travel again. thank you for making this wonderful Covid-Travel page for my challenge.

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Love ho wyou put your page together an dI'm sorry you didn't get to go especially not being able to get your money back, that is cruel. I do hope you get to go, I loved Barcelona, you will not be dissappointed.

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On 11/22/2020 at 7:30 AM, MariJ said:

 I love your photo and effect, you are so awesome and learning new techniques

Well they say learning new things is good for our brains. I'm just disappointed that when I resized my layout to post it lost a lot of the detail of the buildings. I didn't notice it until I went to post it on instagram. :(

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