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Page 02 - Kenya

Page 02 - Kenya

This is another layout from our Africa-trip. It's the second page of my album.

Journaling reads:
We left Gothenburg early in the morning and flew via Amsterdam to Nairobi in Kenya.
It was a little bit annoying that we couldn't sit next to eachother on our way to Africa,
but Leif sat behind me instead! In other words nobody kicked me in the back...
KLM had a lot of good movies and the food was OK.
It was already dark when we arrived in Nairobi, so we didn't see much of the surroundings
on our way to the hotel...

Background and tag from Brandy Hackman's "Expedition Collection"
Map is a scanned postcard
I also scanned my passport to show the visa and some Kenyan Shillings.

Font is Pica10

    I love that you scanned in the postcard, visa and money. I absolutely love your album so far. You are doing a fabulous job on it!
    Wonderful colors!!!! looks so vibrant I like it alot!

    Nice postcard, your LO:s makes me wanna travel and make a book of my own...
    your alumn is looking great...
    again TFS and I feel we all came along with you two. Thank You.
    love that scanned stuffs! the postcard is a very nice touch! i love your album!