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Page 03 - The New Stanley

Page 03 - The New Stanley

The first photos we actually took in Africa, even if they're not very exciting...

Journaling reads:
The Stanley Hotel has been in Nairobi since 1903!
But today it doesn't look at all like it did then -
now it's called "The New Stanley"!
We had a very late dinner and Leif called
home to leave a report!

Background and Suitcase-embellishment from Brandy Hackman's "Expedition Collection"
Paper with "The Stanley" on it is from Melissa Renfro's "Fireside Collection"
Staples are from Erica Hite's "Bookworm Collection"

Font is Pica10

    I love what you did with the hotel on this page! It looks great. Love the little suitcase embellishment, too!
    CRS said it all I love what you did here !!!

    What did you do the the hotel shot? it's great!
    Love the embellishments on your LO!
    oh my! a pic of you? lol