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Charming Moments

Charming Moments

Credits: "Molly" by Keri Schueller as well as the really cool kit, "Charming". The cutout of the children and the pin came from another site. The lift is from a real scrapped page as seen in "Memory Makers" March 2007 issue, page 67. That LO was done by Michele Skinner.

Software: Microsoft Digital Image

Technique: I love getting inspiration from "real" scrapbooked pages. But warning, this technique is very time consuming.

Paper Piecing
1. Take any photo and cutout the subject.
2. Apply a "photocopy" filter with the paper color set as pink.
3. Change the hue so that the pink becomes a little more flesh colored.
4. Lasso one part of the clothing.
5. Make a duplicate of that part.
6. Fill the duplicate layer with a paper.
7. Use the dodge & burn brush to ink the edges. Set the brush size to about 15 and the light/dark to -100.
8. Repeat steps 4 through 8 for every little piece of clothing.
9. Put your layers in order, and apply shadows where appropriate.

    wow - so unique!! and fun! beautiful artwork!
    How cool! That's a really neat technique!
    very cute! and i see how it can be time consuming. :) thanks for posting your technique. i'll have to give it a try sometime. i wonder if there's a photoshop action for something like this?
    Thanks for posting the technique! It looks so cool; it's worth the time involved. Great job!!
    Mar 12 2007 03:26 PM
    I saw this technique in Memory Makers and want to give it a try, also! I've got to say, though, your LO is outstanding! You did a marvelous job...absolutely charming!
    I saw that layout too, you have done a mah-valous job! Super cute!
    Wow this is incredible. Awesome lo. I can't imagine how long it took you, but it was well worth it.
    HOLY SMOKES! That reads like a lot of work!!! The end result is very professional! Almost like a painting!
    Thanks for explaining your technique! This so creative. I love the title and the way you altered your photo. Fantastic!
    This is adorable I love itlooks great & Thanks for the instructions. Great Great Great!!!!