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Scrappy Swap

Scrappy Swap

This is my third for Rachael!
Her daughters and their cousin!

The background is white, so it might look a little funny here...

Papers – Theresa Kavouras’ ”Spring to Life Paper Mini”

Font is Pica10 BT

    Great idea to take out the colour from the background. I love the simplicity of this one. Thanks.
    This is awsome! Love the white space and the color blocking. So cute!
    Wonderful layout! The simplicity really works. Love how you pulled the pastel colors out of the photo!
    I think this is a wonderful LO. I really like the white background with the colorful papers and jackets in the picture. I also like the squares theme you have going... looks GREAT!

    Yep. this one's scrapliftable all right- going right into my folder! Love the color blocking, the symmetry within the asymmetry, colors vs b&w, everthing about it
    I really like the simplicity here. It doesn't even need any journaling, the emotion is caught just right.!
    I think the white background is quite striking! I love the color blocks too. pretty colors. Karen
    What a fantastic idea to make the background behind the girls black and white! Really makes them pop and then to have the color blocks of complimentary colors around them! Wonderful!
    This one is going right into my favorites...beautiful!