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Scrappy Swap

This is of Rachael herself on a music festival B.K.(before kids).

It's the only one I didn't use ScrapGirls stuff on...



Toni Berman's "Rebel Rock" (MyDigitalMuse)

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Thess, this is fantastic. I don't have many good photos of myself and I love how you did the background. This one is going into my album for sure.

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This is really cool! I love the picture in the background and the double frame around the smaller photo, setting it apart. And what a good idea Rachael, sending her a photo of youself-maybe that is how we should all get pictures of ourself scrapbooked! Let someone else do them! LOL

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I concur! The background is so fun and playful! Love the little word art and the frames around the smaller photo too!

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