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Don't know where I got the alpha...Oops!


I hope you like it Kelly!

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This is sooo fun! I love the colors-the blue and bright orange. And the way you recolored the photo. Realy cute-gonna put it in my fav's right now. Great page!

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I LOVE it! I would have never thought of coloring the photo like this... wonderful job. I also really like the colors you used. It looks very soft. The "friends" ribbon is also awesome and I'm going to scraplift putting the date off to the side like you did... this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



BTW, for general information, my DH and I renamed my son's binkie "Clive". I would cringe every time my MIL would call it a "passy". I don't think there is anything wrong with calling it that- it was just the way she said it... Anyway, we decided it needed a masculine name and this is what we came up with...



Jamison's Mom

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LOve this!!! Too cute!! And I LOVE how Kelly named his binky...heehee. This is adorable and I love the colours and title!

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The colored binkie is too cute! I also like the ribbon securing that adorable photo!

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