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 might be back on line. The guy I talked to said if we were out and about to note downed lines and call PGE to report them. That afternoon we  took a drive in our immediate area, about 12x12 blocks and saw several downed lines. One house had their service panel ripped off of the house by a big branch. Behind us there was a power line lying in the street.  Trees and branches are everywhere. Went down the hill to upper downtown Oregon City and it is a disaster. The devastation is extensive.  Trees and lines down everywhere. Some on houses and vehicles.  Not many trees escaped the effect of the ice. It was terrible to see. Made your heart ache. In some of the older neighborhoods the big old maples and oaks had hugh branches break off or split off the main trunk, some as large as 15 inches in diameter. Most of those will not be saveable. When we got home I reported those lines downed  in our area. They had not been reported. The line that was in the street behind us was the key to getting our power back. We got power back Thrusday late afternoon after they fixed the downed line behind us. No electricity is bad news for the fridges and freezers. I have the cleanest fridge, and the emptiest, since it was new. By the time the power came back on the fridge was wamer inside than our kitchen was. Only cheese,  the pickle stuff, the mustard and the catsup survived. All condiments these days have to be refridgerated after opening, so out they went. The big freezers fared better. The one on the backporch was packed and didn't thaw at all. The one  in the basement thawed slowly at the top and in the door. We were able to eat what thawed and the power returned before too much was lost. Too many more days and it would have been all lost.

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Your bird photos are so pretty and detailed and it's amazing to see all that ice.   We had a bad snow/ice storm one October and because the leaves were still on the trees it was all so heavy there was much damage too.   I'm glad you all made it through safely, but for sure this is a time that will be talked about for a long time.   You did a wonderful job of scrapping this event and your pages are awesome.

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I enjoyed reading through your pages.  I always think the journaling / story telling is the most important part of Project Life.  Your pictures support the story well.  Poor birds - its hard to think of hummers getting through an ice storm like that.

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