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February started off rather quiet. Rain every other day then showers. Was able to walk without getting rained on. That happened only one day when we didn't beat the rain back to the car before the shower hit. But we didn't melt. Started using hand weights and bands to help muscle tone until we get to work in the yard again. On the 8th we became eligible for the Covid vaccine. By the time we got on-line all appointments were  taken. Would have to wait till the next Monday to try again. The guy from Custom Marble came out and made a template for my kitchen counter top. Also for the counter top and sink in the bathroom. Will be so nice when done. Did some genealogy and found a source that confirmed who I thought my GGG Grandfather was. French and French Canadian sources are so to work with being in French. Mt. Hood is really snow covered. The fall are still high as is the Clackamas River. Lots of early bulbs are up and blooming. The daffies are really coming up. Also some of the early species tulips. Talked to my sis Vicki in Kansas. She and her husband are recovering from Covid. They had the antibody infusion and are doing very well. Think they got it from church.

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Then the weather changed and cold temps were predicted, down into the mid to low 20s. Brr. Maybe some freezing rain before turning to snow for the weekend, February 13-14.  On the night of Thursday the 11th we got some freezing rain which turned to snow during the night. We got about 2 inches. All day Friday we got a mixture of rain/snow. I sat on the front porch and took pictures of a hummer and robin that was hanging around, also some snow covered plants. We had power blips all day that only lasted a second. Just enough so we had to reset the clocks.  That night it was all rain, freezing on everything it touched. The trees in our yard and throughout the neighborhood crashed and thundered all night keeping us awake. Saturday we woke up to a changed and glistening world. There was so much ice on the windows you couldn't see outside on the North and East sides of the house. This was definitely not predicted. The power went out at 11 am and stayed out. It continued to rain and freeze off and on all day. We got out the camp stuff, lanterns and cook stove. The cook stove was kept as an afterthought. It is 60 years old and only one burner works. Was really grotty. But it worked!! We have a little gas stove in the living room that kept us and the downstairs warm. Sunday it had pretty much stopped raining, but  it was still really cold and obvious we were not going to get power back on anytime soon. Dianne was without heat at her house. She did have flashlights but no way to heat food. We were not able to reach her on her cell, so off to the rescue. Got shovels and pounded and broke up the ice on our sidewalk to the street and started clearing a path across the street. Then we noticed that the sidewalk across the street was blocked with a tree. Back we came to the sidewalk down our side of the street. Cleared to our front driveway and then angled  across the street to Dianne's. A neighbor heard us and came out and helped to finish clearing  a path to Dianne's door. It took us several hours to get to her. We were afraid to walk on the ice for fear of falling. Mike and I both have low bone density and Dianne is on a blood thinner, disaster if she fell and hit her head. The temperature was only 28 degrees, but boy, did I get warm pounding the ice. Dianne was okay, just really, really cold. Inside her house it

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Oh my goodness, what a difference a few weeks make, that is quite a contrast.    Your photos are wonderful and I am so in awe of the beauty around your, especially the mountain.  I like the neutral background you chose, it really lets your photos and journaling since and the bits of color and pattern add a pretty touch.   I'm off to look for the rest of the story....

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