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Chiquita boy

Chiquita boy

Finally, a layout! I've had too much going on lately. This was so fun for a change.

This is my son being silly after eating a banana.

Papers and embellishments: Angie Briggs Day to day life collection
Scribble is from Keri Schuller's Journey collection
Layout template is from Angie Briggs layered template series 2
font is Palsu (I have no clue where it's from)

    the circle is fun! I also like the two pictures - One over the frame - it's more unconventional. it works so well!

    looks good. I like the stiching at the bottom.
    Hilarious, I've seen this sticker and thought "what a funny picture/scrapbook layout it would make" Good for you! Love the yellow background, perfect. The bracketed title is really eyecatching, and love all the little details. Super!
    I LOVE it!! Beautiful LO. And what a silly boy. :)
    This is hilarious! I love the circle frame with the rectangular photo under it. And your title is great. But, the pictures are the best of all! They are great!
    Hi Leigh Ann I like your layout! just so cute with that sticker on his forehead
    What a fun picture! I love how you used the circle - layering the photo under part of it. The "laugh" paper clip was tailor made for this LO!
    very fun LO i like how you did the circle frame around the two square ones
    Love this! My daughter puts stickers on everybody's foreheads ALL the time! So cute!
    SIlly is right! Very cute lo.