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The Wedding Pavilion

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When at Disney, I always have to get a photo of the Wedding Pavilion since I was married there myself. I thought it fit nicely with this true story:


I once had a patient who had been married to his wife for over 60 years. I couldn’t resist asking him if he would marry her again if he had to do it all over. He did not hesitate as he replied, “Oh yes! I would marry her again and again.” He then proceeded in explaining all the wonderful things about her. Charmed, I turned to his wife and said, “Wow! Would you marry him again too?” She paused, seemingly in deep thought. Finally she replied, “Where would we have the wedding at?” I love Southern women.


Kit: Tints & Tatters by Brandy Hackman. Yep, I know it doesn't really go with the palm tree framed photo, but the kit is just too pretty to pass up. There's also one embellishment from the Fall Blossoms kit.


Technique: Burning up photos.

1. Make the border of your photo a torn paper like shape, but without the white edges. In other words, rough edges.

2. Leave a very tiny, thin brown border around the photo.

3. Make a duplicate copy of your photo.

4. On the bottom layer, change the photo to sepia.

5. On the top layer, choose a gradual transparency so that only the middle is lightly colored.

6. Lock the two layers together.

7. Use the dodge and burn tool at a fairly wide setting to darken the edges. Start at a -30 setting and lightly go around the entire photo's rough edges. Then make the brush smaller and do it again, but only in places. Make the brush smaller still and do it a little more in some of the same places. These last places should look almost black.

8. Add your shadow.


Software: Microsoft Digital Image


Fonts: DSP Amanda, Ma-Sexy

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What a cool story and that is a great photo to go with it. This is just a really really neat page, I love the elements you have chosen too! Awesome!

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Love the edge effect you used on the photo - thanks for the instructions! Cute story too. Love the ribbon you used and the striped paper.

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