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Hospital Page 2

Connie Prince - Value Pack: Doctor Doctor_cap_doctordoctor_paper3 Connie Prince - Value Pack: Doctor Doctor_cap_doctordoctor_solid1 Connie Prince - Value Pack: Doctor Doctor_cap_doctordoctor_solid8 Connie Prince - Value Pack: Doctor Doctor_cap_doctordoctor_lblurgentcare Connie Prince - Value Pack: Doctor Doctor_cap_doctordoctor_rr

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Oh, my goodness, I am so sorry you went through this and your story made me shiver.   You are chronicling your personal illness and history at the same time.  I am so very glad you are here to tell your story.  Your page is put together so well.

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This is an amazing story that you are chronicling so well. I like the different journal mats for each day. That downward red zig zag could be your whole tale of ups and downs as well. As MariJ, above, said, I'm glad you are here to tell the story!

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What an awful experience to go through and glad you have recovered to tell the tail it must have been so frightening for you. Glad you are able to document it :) 

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What a great way to journal your experience. I also can't wait to hear the rest of the story. So glad you are now well enough to be creative about what you went through. 

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This is an incredible journey, and we are all taking it with you. It is so sad you felt this ill. I've had both full-blown pneumonia and Covid, thankfully not hospitalized for either, but the inability to take a decent breath is a scary thing I will never forget. 

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Looking at your layouts thus far, and I really like your journaling, not that you had to endure this horrific thing, but that you are documenting the details as you have! 

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