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Journaling reads - "I love technology, but one area I fought for years was electronic books. I kept saying no way. But once I gave in, which was quite a few years ago now, I found out that I wished I would have done it sooner! I love audible and Kindle books. I can carry thousands of books and magazines with me anywhere I go now and I do. I have an Alexa of some kind in almost every room in the house. So anytime I want to listen to a book while working I can. Then there’s my Yoga 2-in-1 and my desktop. Then the one item used probably the most is my cell phone! And when I need to run somewhere I hope in the car and boom, my car continues to read aloud to me while I drive. Ahhh technology is great!" I used: Brandy Murry's High School Edge Kit Syndee Rogers Curled Paper 2-1 Template

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I love audible books! They are great for workouts. I use Kindle books for when I can't sleep at night. I don't have to wake hubby up with a light, and the stories get me out of my crazy brain storms. That's awesome that you ventured to a new way to reading. Cool page! I like the way you grunged up the paper. 

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I am the same. My phone goes everywhere with me. I always have ear phones on. I can listen to my stories when I'm cooking, driving and knitting. I love technology. I love the photos that you used. My car only answers the phone. I haven't worked out how to get my audible on there. Great layout.

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