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In 1925 my Great Grandfather bought a tea set at a fair. He gave my Great Grandmother and each child one piece with there names engraved on it. Years later, Big Oupa asked them all if they still had their pieces. My Grandmother was the only one who still had hers. So Big Oupa gave Big Ouma’s piece to her as well. They passed to my mother and then she gave them to me when she fell ill with cancer. They will go to Lizelle one day. You can see where I got my name.

SBA_BellaMarie_PP_Purple1; SBA_BellaMarie_PP_FloralVine; SilviaRomeo_JourneyOn_ExtraFlower; AFT_Bespoke_AddOn_Emb_Flwr-1; cwx_easy_way_accent4; cwx_way_to_happy_cluster4; ACU_SchoolCool_Book; ACU_SchoolCool_Apple_Red; AFT_SchoolBasics2_Word_Work; AASPN_MultiMediaSchool1_3; AFT_ClassSchool_AddOn_Word_1st; AFT_ClassSchool_AddOn_Emb_Globe; AngelleDesigns_HopIntoSpring_clock overlay; CKA_RainyDays_Paper_Special; VRA_SSEmbTmp_PaperScrap_EnvBack;

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That's such a sweet story, but it also makes me a little sad that the other kids didn't still have their engraved pieces.  I like the red lampshade nearby, too, it matches very well!

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