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Oh my - you are amazing.   Your journaling is so detailed, emotional and honest - bravo to you.   I read the first entry and sighed loudly - WHY do others sometimes think they know better then you what you need and know?   I can only imagine how tired of this all you were at this point, but you hung on - yay you, again.    I like how you used this template.   Thanks for sharing your riveting story.

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I saw this on the board and went right to it to continue reading your story. It still amazes me that you are so detailed despite all you went through. I echo everything Marilyn has said - Bravo for you. 

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Oh wow such an ordeal and your are amazing and how great you can document this, Marilyn has sad it all in her post and I agree. I remember years ago in my nursing finals a question was......
'the hospital can do the patient no harm' discuss. It stuck with me all my nursing career and made me very aware to listen to what the patient says as they often know their body best. Hugs to you :) 

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You are amazing and your story is so captivating. How you remembered those detail and got photos......It such an  story to tell us.

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