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Page 10 - Quiet

Page 10 - Quiet

"Calm, quiet and totally relaxing! While the staff took care of the larger groups at the front desk, we got to check in on the bar-balcony overlooking the watering hole!"

Background - Angie Briggs' "Weekend Getaway Paper Mini"
Clip and Butterfly - Angie Briggs' "Urban Love"
Leaves - Keri Schueller's "Love Letters"
Ribbon - Mandy Steward's "Faithful"
Journaling tag w/ paperclip - Durin Eberhart's "Blue Christmas"
Frame - Melissa Renfro's "Lifted Photo"

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    That is a stunning page. The greens are so rich and warm. I just love everything about this LO!
    WoW! What a cool looking place! My friend is in Africa right now on a missions trip. Love your blending of the photo with the green paper at the bottom. It just flows.
    Beautiful photos and I really like the ribbon border with the clips. Nice how the background picture blends so well with the photo.
    Wow this is a page. I like what you did with the background and the ribbon with the bits clipped to it.
    What a beautiful, interesting LO. Superduper!
    Thess, I'm so enjoying seeing your trip photos and look forward to see where you'll take us next! The green really allows everything to blend togther, contributing to that peaceful feel. Well done!
    that's your hotel? OMG, so cool! looks like a giant treehouse! fantastic LO, love how you blended the photo into the paper - making it looks SO lush!
    Absolutely beautiful. I love how you blended the top photo into the green background. You really made the photos speak volumes. The red butterfly adds the right amount of color pop too.
    Love how you did this. The photographs are just so exotic, but the way you put these together is great. I love the clipped leaves, that just go with the green feel. Thank you for sharing all the pictures of your trip.
    This is fabulous - very creative!