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Page 11 - Quiet 2

Page 11 - Quiet 2

Page 2 of the "Quiet"-spread


Background - Angie Briggs' "Weekend Getaway Paper Mini"
Butterfly - Angie Briggs' "Urban Love"
Frames - Melissa Renfro's "Lifted Photo"
Flower-border - Angie Briggs "Intuition"

    Gosh I just love the simplicity of this LO. It's really nice the way it just all goes together. I think I get bogged down thinking of all the things I "should" put on a LO. Thanks for the inspiration. :)
    Love the greens you're using on these layouts. You're inspiring me to pull out my own Africa pix and get busy! Great work.
    Great page. I like the colours, the border and the curled photos. It looks great.