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My favourite Jeans

My favourite Jeans

I thought that I would do a page on my favourite pair of jeans so that they may live on even after they have totally frayed to nothing.

EHI_RockNRoll_EmbelBig_Button_BFF and _Forever

EHI_ _Vellum5401-1 and -2
SNU_ _Sanded6301-6
TCS_ _Paper5701_DryPaint

Alfredo's Dance
Maiandra GD


    Cute LO on a great subject. Perhaps letting them go will be easier now because you will have the memories captures. Great job.
    Oh, I could never say goodbye to those!!! They look so comfy!!! What a great layout for your About Me book!
    I love the personal twist you put on this my using the Best Friends Forever and Love Forever Always embellis. We do become attached to our favorites don't we?
    Love the fact you scraped this!!! Such a cool thing to remember! I totally love the pics and the story really great page! Shell : )
    What a fun layout! Love the journaling and the photos. Think we all have something like this we just can't live without. You really captured that feeling.
    Great layout. Maybe you could recycle the material to use in a layout (if you do paper lo's) if you can't quite bear to part with them.
    Cool layout Rachael! I love the colors and the textures on the papers have the same soft feel that I'm sure your jeans do! :)
    I would keep them! LOL!
    Awsome LO. I love the pictures & journal about your jeans. I might have to do one about my fav pair of shoes.
    I can so relate to this. Your Lo is great, maybe now you can have some closure...
    Oh that is so much fun! Reminds me of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! I really like the denim button accents.