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The Chase

The Chase

It's hard to take photos of my teenage daughter. She wants every photo to be posed. But I want natural ones so that I can remember what she was really like. So on this particular day, I was determined to get a picture and ended up chasing her through the house.

I created the map in Illustrator.

Cardstock: Bazzill, Making Memories and Scrapworks
Hugz: Scrapworks
Stamps: Hero Arts
Stamping Ink: Stazon
Studs: Scrapworks
Transparency: Office Depot

    I like it! I have one of these teenagers too and have the hardest time getting natural photos of her, she hates when her hair is not just perfect or the outfit isnt just right!!
    This is great! I have a preteen, and he hates for his picture to be taken--PERIOD! What a creative idea to scrap how you got the pictures taken! LOL!
    Hey, this is part of what she's like! Fun layout.
    Those teenagers! Great job!
    What a great layout concept! I might have to "lift" it.
    Ro, tell your daughter I said that she is just as beautiful crying and angry as she is in the photos where she's ready and posed!

    Someday she's going to look back at this and laugh REALLY hard.
    I decided to work backwards :giggle_bear: and I laughed when I spotted this LO. This "IS" or has to be a typical teenage thing,my Oldest is always putting her hand in my face when I try to get a picture and "Go Away Ma". You showed this difficult task great! I love It :bouncing-frog:
    Great 2 pager.