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Prompt 1 Routine web.jpg

My routine

Wake up, grunt at Henry. Say hello to Luna. (Got to get my priorities right).

Put drops in my eyes so that I can see.

Bathroom, take my meds.

Check my Whatsapp and emails.

Go back go sleep if Marlene is not coming.

Get up and have a shower if it’s Tuesday.

Go to the lounge, start my computer.

After all, I’m retired, every day is



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This is a routine I could get behind!!  I love that you stacked Luna's photo on top of Henry's.  And you thought you wouldn't have anything for your layouts....

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:giggle_bear: Love Luna and Henry peeking out. I wish I could go back to sleep. I'm not retired but not currently working, still I can't sleep in.  Your bg is lovely.

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LOL you are so funny Belle... This is awesome....Sleep well and enjoy your Sunday


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