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Prompt 4 What I did Today

Emma and I had appoints around the city-one canceled due to a police issue- so we had a little extra time to run into my favorite flower shop. She has such unique planters! My truck bed was full!  I refrained from including the photo of the fuel pump total...($124!!)

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This looks great with the large flower photo taking centre stage on your page. 

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OHhhhhhhhh..   Fuel pump totals are NOT fun these days and I have only a 13 gallon tank!  😱  The flowers are beautiful and I really liked seeing Emma again and the photo of both of you is beautiful. 

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What a cute basket of petunias! I haven't ventured into a single greenhouse yet, which is really, really rare for me. Our weather has been so cold and dreary that spring is delayed by maybe two weeks at this point. I loved the cheery photos and this little snapshot into your day.

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That's one advantage I have in not being  currently employed, I don't have to fill up as often. Yikes! Sweet photo of the 2 of you! :) Lovely flowers and so is you layout, pretty background paper.

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Great photo. Sounds like a fun day except for the medical appointments. Pretty card.

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