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Years ago, Marlene's husband, Mohammed, introduced me to Bones & Beans. It's a curry made from the cheapest cut of meat with bones in. I cook dried red  beans in my Instant Pot. When everything is cooked, I add it altogether. You can also add vegetables to the meat. It's a cheap meal and my all time favourite. I always have frozen beans in the deepfreeze, ready to add to my curry.

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I love how you put this page together and I'm enjoying your Avatar and how creatively you used it in opposite corners in different colors.   I enjoyed your journaling,  that sounds easy to make!   And, I like that you included a photo!

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I love that you're carrying your avatar through your Who I am layouts. How fun is that! Your recipe sounds intriquing. Mark is a curry connoiseur - for me it has been an acquired taste! 

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This sounds delicious, Belle!  I like that you included your avatar (is that Bitmoji?) and the story behind Bones and Beans!

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Another great page and I too, love your avatars! I don't eat a lot of meat, except for chicken and fish but it looks like it might be pretty good.

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I thought I'd already commented on your page, but I don't see it, so I'll tell you I love the photo and the cute "Belle" avatars.

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