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Weekend challenge 5/14/22 JIF: IN Barn

OOPS!!  I had the wrong town so had to fix it!  🤦‍♀️
I spend WAY too much time, even on JIFs; deciding what photo, what JIF - back and forth trying different ones out.... 😱 
I love these JIF SKetchbooks by Brandy. I made a sketch of a photo I took using the technique Kelly @ladyscrapalot showed me and with a little tinkering on the sketch, it was done!   
For this layout I used:
BMU JIF SketchBook
and my own photo

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2 minutes ago, Celestine said:

This is really well done! I like how rustic it looks with the wood, old paper and pencils. 

... and it was all there already, except for the sketch!   I guess it made even picky, slow-poke me quick today.  Thank you!  😊

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Wow! this looks great. What a great JIF you used and the effect on the photo just looks like a pencil drawn picture. 

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1 hour ago, ladyscrapalot said:

Wowie, this turned out fabulous!!! You blended it in so flawlessly that it looks like you just to a picture of your sketch book. :wub:

Thanks!  I used your sketch technique, then used a sepia photo filter on it.    Then, Jody laugh me about using "darken" blend mode in situations like this where the background is white or light - so it blends seamlessly in.   I only had to use a low-opacity eraser on the top and the bottom.   

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