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May 2022 SG Recipe Swap Auntie Sue's Magic Chocolate Frosting

My Godmother/Auntie Sue made all our birthday cakes when we were younger. My favorite had this chocolate icing - it is SO good, a think almost fudge-type.  It's my cousin's favorite also and the last two years she has made my favorite cake with this icing for my birthday. That's her making the cake and icing this year!
I took a photo of Auntie Sue's card - that's what is blended into my recipe card here.
For this recipe card I used:
SNU Pixie Mischief Nano and Zip Kit
SNU SS Styles Shadow Me
and my own photos

Photo Information for May 2022 SG Recipe Swap Auntie Sue's Magic Chocolate Frosting

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That sounds downright sinful! Your card is cute, and I like that you are showing the actual frosting and the act of frosting.

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This sounds amazing!!!  I really like the sprinkle of hearts and the "brownie fairy".  Your photos make me want to take a big ole lick....Thank you for sharing Marilyn.

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This is a great one! I've made your aunt's recipe many times; it's DH's favorite for frosting his birthday cakes.  I love your photo and the hearts and little fairy on the recipe card. 

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