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PL No 2 June 2022 web.jpg

JZI_Angler_NumSyms; ABR_2016Everyday_2022; DRO_LemGrove_Papers; PL No 2 June 2022; DRO_LemGrove_PB_03; JZI_Angler_NumSyms; LLO_BrushSet_Walking;

1 & 2. Passed my goal of 85. Will have to reset to 79kg.Then to maintain.

3 Renovations taking shape.

4 Moving day. Or should I say days. It took us 3 days to get settled.

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I really like how you are doing your PL and your page is so pretty.   All your hard work to be healthy, you really have done so well!   Your new home looks wonderful, that's a lot of hard work too.   I really like the color you used here and the date looks great.

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I love the design of your PL pages, Belle! Your continued weight loss and exercise are inspiring; you should be very proud of what you have accomplished. Great photos, here, of you and your home, and I like the happy colors in your background.

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Super job on the weight loss! So impressive. Moving day(s) must have been stressful, but it looks great.

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Congratulations on the weight loss and the move.  How exciting!  I love the use of the typewriter keys for your numbering. It really pops out. 

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