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Text: I continued working on the new bed for the crepe myrtle and the lupines. This had to be put on hold after we spent the evening of the 4th in the ER. I was cleaning a mandolin when I cut the index finger of my right hand. Really bad cut. I was afraid I had cut into the joint or cut a tendon. Fortunately that wasn't the case. It only cut nerves and is now numb for probably two years. It was deep and wide and took 4 stitches to close. I was bandaged up and got the stitches out in ten days. But...the skin didn't heal together and had died, it was still an open wound under the dead skin. It had to heal from the bottom up and took some time. Even after a almost a month it is still very tender I have to be careful with it. I had no idea how much you needed your index finger until I no longer had one I could use. Computer use became almost impossible and Mike had to take over the meal duties. I did learn to use my middle finger for a lot of things, but didn't have the 'fine' control needed for some things. I could not do simple things like brush or floss my teeth, or brush my hair! These, and several other things, I had to learn to do left handed. Most of the time I sat and took bird and flower pictures or sat and supervised the rebuilding of the arbor that had come down last winter. The arbor is finished and looks really nice. I started decorating it with chimes, garden art, flower baskets and of course a hummer feeder. I like it better than the one we did before. Maggie died last month and Izzy is grieving and feeling abandoned. When Dianne left for the day for her quilting days Izzy would howl and carry on. She came and spent the day with us on some of those days. The weather changed and we have been having very hot over 95 temps for many days in a row. Izzy was very hot and so Dianne and I took the clippers to her. She got a major haircut. The first day she got cold from the window AC and crawled under a quilt! She is much cooler and happier now. She is also learning to be an 'only' and is not howling when Dianne leaves. We still go get her some days if we are going to be outside and take her home if it gets too hot. She has learned she can any ball she wants without sharing and has a hard time deciding which ball she want to play with. We put up a chickadee house every year and enjoy the coming and goings of the parents doing feeding duty. I spent a great deal of time taking pictures of the parents trucking food into the house for those hungry little babies. The hummers like the new arbor and feeder also. We also went to the Dr. for our annual visit. Mike is going to be seeing a new Dr. for his leg. I got a shot in my hip and will see an allergy specialist for my sinus problems. Otherwise we are in pretty good shape.

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Oh my goodness. I guess it could have been worse but it seems bad enough to me. Take care and your double page spread is lovely!

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Your page is really lovely with all the greens of your beautiful photos and the soft background and strip you used.   Ouch for your poor finger!  Now I can see exactly where the stitches are, I guess I was lucky mine was on the top of the hand.  No nerves to cut there, only a bone to bruise. 😱   I'm glad it's starting to heal but that was some injury.  Take care!

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Great photos, but I am so sorry to hear about your finger mishap. It is too bad it took so long to heal and will be affected for two years. Wow.

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Awe, poor thing. It sounds like a slow and painful process. I love the muted colors of the page with just a few pops of colors from the flowers and Izzy's toys.  

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I love how soft and beautiful your page is. Gorgeous photos (as always) and interesting journaling. I feel so bad for you with that nasty cut. Ugh. I hope it continues to improve... and more quickly. 

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Our Luna misses Bugsy so much. She still looks for him. It's so sad to lose a pet. Ouchie for your finger. I hope it doesn't take too long to heal. I think your double layout is so pretty. Great templeat, photos and lovely journaling. 

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