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September '22 Monthly Challenge #4: Artistic Photo - Sand


I hope I'm not stretching the concept of "artistic photo" too far, but I've always been intrigued by the patterns waves make in sand as the tide goes in and out and how they look like like works of art. This page is made of seven sand photos plus one for the title where you can also see the sky, sand and water.  I then took an ocean photo, duplicated it 12 times to get blue on the entire page and used it for the blue background strip!
Journaling reads:
"Indeed, every beach is essentially a product of its regional and local environment and is accordingly one-of-a-kind. The sand on each beach is like a fingerprint, unique to the particular beach where you find it. The sand's unique composition, color and grain size are a result of the source rocks it came from, but also a result of coastal processes that modify the sand over long periods of time. Examples of these processes include the types of waves and currents in an area, as well as the sea level history for that particular coast."
livescience.com (The Science of Summer). Sandy Hook September 2022
For this layout I used:
SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
BMU SS Layout Templates: Grunge Block 2
BMU SS Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie
and my own photos

Photo Information for September '22 Monthly Challenge #4: Artistic Photo - Sand


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I take photos of the sand too...the ocean makes beautiful paintings when the tide goes out. This is a work of art! Beautiful and such a creative idea. I love it.

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This is a great idea! I love your pictures of the sand. Blue is the perfect color to complement them. So creative. 


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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to take photos of patterns in the sand. :) These are wonderful and I love how you've shown all their different "moods." Your journaling is fascinating, too. I love how the blue accents the sand colors as well. Gorgeous page!

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Wowie, wow wow! This is … incredibly amazing! In the pattern on the lower left side i see the back of a woman’s head and upper back and to me it looks like she’s hugging herself, I can see her fingers and maybe even her glasses. Your blending is superb, effortless. Love it!

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Marilyn, I also have looked at the patterns the waves leave behind in the sand. Your page is so special . That title looks so good. 

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Amazing work here! Love all the variations of the sand. I never thought of doing this before. Such a great title too.

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Love what you've done here! Using a photo to clip to your title was brilliant! Nature is such a show off - glad you captured it!

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Awesome photos and beautifully put together. I love the title work. Such a really lovely and unusual layout.

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