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We always went everywhere with Fransie and Johan. One of the places we went to was Bo Kaap.  Even though I was born in Cape Town, I had never been there.  People from all over the world come to see Bo Kaap.

Bo-Kaap was formerly known as the Malay Quarter as it was inhabited by Cape Malays. Those were slaves who were brought from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the rest of the African continent to work in the city. When the slaves were freed, they were allowed to buy their houses. They painted them  bright colours to celebrate their freedom.

The restaurants are known for the traditional food. Piquant stews such as tomato bredie (stew), breyani and bobotie are firm favourites, as are roasts, spicy curries and sosaties (lamb or mutton kebabs).


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Great photos and fascinating journaling. I had to look up the food you mentioned, which sounds yummy. I like how you carried the photo colors onto the rest of the page.

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What colorful buildings and what a great reasons to paint them so bright! Great layout design and I love how you tilted your journaling. Pretty flower clusters. ☺️

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