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Warm beauty.

Warm beauty.

I love the warm glow of this photo. I decided on a very simple layout to let the photo take centre stage.


SG_Refresh collection
BVA_WellWorn brush set
JHI_SSEmbel_Curled Edges
JHI-SSTools_Styles_Curled Edges Shadows

LDJ Mothers Typewriter.


    WOW! Loved this lo. The photo is spectacular!!!
    What a beautiful young lady you have there Rachael!!!
    With a gorgeous photo like this, a simple layout really works. This is beautiful!
    This really catches your eye. Very nice photo.

    What a beautiful photo!! The simple unadorned approach makes it spectacular!
    your daughters are beautiful! and i love the warmth of this LO. that photo surely shines!
    You have all the ingredients you need for a wonderful layout, simpilicity that doesn't distract from that beautiful face. Very BEAUTIFUL LO!!!!!
    Stunning photo- just love it
    Love the photo! What great composition and scrap elements. Well put together!
    I SO glad you let the photo take the stage!!

    perfect papers for it too!