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10 things 12 things

10 things 12 things

TFL! ;)

Erica Hites paper from the Alphabet Soup Boy Collection.

    Great job, Val. I like the colors. Thanks for sharing with us. You are so open and honest with your layouts and journaling. I wish I was that brave! So I think that should be #13. Val is a strong and brave woman!!
    Love your list VAl - lots of good secrets in there! Didn't you look sweet at the wedding! Love the pretty blue you used here!
    Wow, what a great way to get to know one of our girls a little better! Spiders scare me to death, too. And most other small creatures... mice, snakes, all the classics.
    Very Open & HOnest LO Valerie I think you did a fantastic job here. You sound pretty normal to me thou.

    Very moving LO

    did you really faint??? is it on video??? but your dress and the blue on you is really nice...

    this photo is a classic and thanks for sharing your life with us!
    What a great layout! Great job on your journaling!
    what an eye opener list you've got there! nice LO with its simplicity - letting your journaling speaks for itself!
    Feel like we have got to know you alot more out of this LO Val. TFS
    OH MY! There's a spider in the l/o right next to you!!! You're so pretty! I can't believe you don't want to smile. Hopefully you can do the surgery & gain your confidence. You're too pretty to hide!!!
    nice layout...definitely has let us get to know you more. the blue paper matches your dress really nicely.