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Here is anothr of my 1st layouts.l All comments are welcome. I know I'm just starting out and my layouts could use tons of improvements.

    That's a very sweet photo. I really like how you chose the blue patterns and tore part of the paper's edges. Nice touch!
    Hi Monika,

    Your layouts are fantastic. I'm impressed these are your first layouts. I love your choice of papers and embellishments on this. As far as any tips on this, I think I would rotate the photo less and perhaps turn your word tag so that the type reads going up, not sloping down. That would mean rotating your tag counterclockwise.

    This looks fantastic! It looks like Thao's Merry Mine kit and that is one of my favorites! It is a wonderful photo and I like that it is not straight. This is lovely! Great job!!!

    Hi Monika! This is really good for being one of your firsts! It almost seems like the tag is just "floating" there. Maybe add a brad or eyelet to the end of the string so it looks "attached" to the page. Make sense??? Keep up the good work!!! Can't wait to see more!
    Great job for your firsts. I like the title on the bottom and the tag on top, and the titled photo.
    Monika, this a very nice LO...what a great snap of dad and daughter:)
    I love the boldness of this one, its a very simple composition which I really like.
    Like all the rest; I love the colors and the photo is great!
    My only (and first) thought is about the photo. I'm agree with erica on this;
    I would rotate the photo less. Still give it a tilt, but not as much1
    Love the bright colors you used! Great page :)
    This is a very sweet LO, lovely picture. You have done a nice job layering and I love the colors you picked.